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Zhangguang 101 Group is top expert in hair care industry since 1974; Our products have been proved to be the best Chinese herbal hair tonic for hair loss treatment, hair regrowth treatment and hair deep care by world wide clients.

Currently, there are over 2,600 Zhangguang 101 Service Center home and abroad. And now we have overseas agents in USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, UK, Macedonia, Mexico, Croatia, Serbia, Australiaetc.

For our partners, we provide:
1. Best agent prices of Zhaungguang 101 series products
2. Free training.
3. Necessary documents for applying import permit.
4. Necessary documents and manageable help for running Zhangguang 101 Center.
5. Advice for business start and development.
We're committed to long term cooperation and win-win business relationship. Any party who has intention to cooperate with us will be warmly welcomed. Ifyou want to have a further talk in details, please feel free to contact us.